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Sinkhole?  We can HELP!  

If you've made a sinkhole claim with your insurance company, you've settled the claim and are wanting to sell your home, Teacher Buys Houses can help.
Teacher Buys Houses is knowledgeable and specializes in purchasing unrepaired sinkhole homes.    
Customers have sold their unrepaired sinkhole homes to Teacher Buys Houses to avoid the stress of the following:
•Remaining in a home that has had a sinkhole.
•Concerned about the process of repairing/stabilizing their home. For example, damage to the yard & landscaping, unknown length of time to repair, and the possibility of having to move while the home is being repaired. 
•High costs of repair.
•Confused and unsure about which sinkhole repair company to use.
•Repairs causing further damage to structure.
•Insurance concerns.
•The decreased value of a home that has had a sinkhole. 
If you would like to discuss selling your unrepaired sinkhole home, contact Teacher Buys Houses at:
Or, click here to fill out a free consultation form.